How to Organize Your Life Using Google Calendar

Some useful tips on how to organise your life using Google Calendar.

Shortcut Keys

Here are some helpful computer tips to make you more efficient on your PC.
Tips 1-4 are helpful when you have quite a few programmes open.

1.    Windows Logo = Opens Start Menu

2.    Windows Logo + D = Minimizes all windows and shows your desktop

3.    Windows Logo + E = Opens up windows explorer

4.    Alt + Tab = Switch between open programme (hold the Alt button down, and when pressing the Tab button this will  change between programmes)

5.    Ctrl + X = Cut

6.    Ctrl + C = Copy

7.    Ctrl + V = Paste

8.    Ctrl + Z = Undo


Are you doing your Backups?

I cannot explain to you the importance of backups, the data on your pc or laptop is (90% of the time) more valuable than the machine itself.

Backup Tips

  1. If you are not backing up you can very well lose all your data if your machine gets stolen or the hard drive fails (this happens to people regularly)
  2. If you are doing backups, but backing the data up to the same hard drive (same machine), this is not a backup. You should be backing up to an external point i.e. an external hard drive or internet backups etc
  3. If your backups have been set, it is very important to check that these backups are being done. Automatic backups do help the process of backing up become easier but NEED to be checked regularly.

If you are not doing backups and need help setting this up or are doing backups but need help on how to check them please give us a call so we can help you out.